Key Features to Submit Your Site to the Web Directories

Key Features to Submit Your Site to the Web Directories
Web directories are effectively an online catalog of links which are split into specific categories or topics. A well thought out listing on one of the better quality directories can offer several benefits to the site owner. Here are four of the main points to consider:
Helps to get a website indexed
The main search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) are constantly sending spiders or crawlers to search for the latest web pages appearing online. If you have just launched a new site and want to attract the attention of the search engines, then a quite effective and easy way of doing this is by adding your link to the ideal category on several of the web directories. Search engines frequent the directories multiple times a day as the sites are generally updated on a very regular basis.
Improve search engine rankings
Most online directories offer a home page or deep-linking one-way link which is beneficial for any search engine optimization (SEO) promotion. The search engines often look at the quality and number of incoming links to a site when determining its ranking position in the search results, so the directories are certain to help boost rankings in a SEO campaign. Also, if you are submitting your site to several web directories, it helps to look for one-way links as these are seen as more valuable than the reciprocal links (exchanging links with another site).
Target specific keyword phrases
When submitting your site to a web directory you have the opportunity to offer a descriptive title and description. When it comes to completing this important information, you can use a key phrase that you are targeting in a marketing campaign. This makes for a very easy way of acquiring quality links. It isn’t always a simple process of acquiring the right links to a web page which target a particular keyword and the directories serve as a highly effective medium for gaining such links.
Most Web directories are free to use
Considering the wide range of benefits that might be gained from using the web directories, it is pleasing to know that there are many quality directories that can be submitted to free of charge. It can benefit to submit your site to as many of the high quality SEO friendly directories as you see fit. In searching for the right directories, it can also benefit if you use the ones that are human-edited as you can be certain that the directory is of high standing.

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